Dear Friends of AMOR

It has been quite some time since we last posted and we certainly have missed our weekly dose of AMOR posts.

Over the last couple of months, we have seen AMOR grow incredibly strong with each bouquet delivered. The brand has developed enormously and in keeping with the demands required of us, as well our vision for the brand, we have reinvented our service to suit the premium quality standard that our brand requires of us.

We therefore bid farewell to our current rose selection in favor of the imported luxury Ethiopian Roses across both our AMOR Standard range and AMOR Black edition range. These roses offer the finest quality of roses on the African continent boasting large bud heads, a longer vase life and a most desirable bloom. There will be exciting new additions to the AMOR family and we look forward to their unveiling in due course.  These changes will take effect from 01 December 2016.

We no longer outsource the delivery of our precious bouquets to a third-party courier and now personally deliver all our arrangements for a further personalized service.

With this focus on premium luxury comes a change in our current pricing. A few of our suppliers increased their prices effective 01 November 2016 and in favor of our customers, we held of the change in price. We will however have new pricing effective 01 December 2016.

We appreciate your understanding and continued support.



Founder & Creative Director