Hello Friends

We hope that you are all succeeding in keeping the autumn chills away. The cold season is imminent and whilst some of us adore it for the opportunity to layer ourselves into warmth, for business such as ours, it poses a major challenge.

Nature often has its way of humbling us and in our case, our rose buds take an extra day or two to bloom in the colder months, often rendering us frustrated. Nonetheless, we are learning the tricks of the trade and coming to appreciate our flowers in all their glory.

The journey into entrepreneurship has not been an easy one and we have been incredibly humbled by the support for Amor Flowers. More importantly however, has been the response I have received from people voicing their concern at the lack of diversity in the floral gifting industry. We have taken it in our stride to aim for brand and service excellence and I sincerely hope that we will see a better reflection of our nation in the floral industry.

We are truly appreciative of the support that we have received and as we look into expanding our product range and expanding our brand aesthetic, we look forward to embarking on this journey with you our customer and hope that you will enjoy the new additions to the Amor Flowers brand in the coming months.

For now though, we anticipate greater relationships with you and hope that you will entrust us with all our floral gifting needs.