I vividly remember the very first time I bought my Grandmother flowers. Her immediate reaction (translated) was: “why did you buy me flowers”?

My dear Gogo (bless her soul), has never been shy of letting her gift desires known to us all. And just our luck, her birthday falls on Women’s Day. It appears that with each year her gift requests become all the more extravagant, so you will understand then that receiving gifts is something that she is all too familiar with and that it is just one particular gift (flowers) that she has a hard time accepting.A conversation with my her and a few other women brought me to the conclusion that there are some women who do not feel worthy of receiving flowers.I used to be one such a woman and this I realized when I received flowers for the first time. I remember saying ‘you really did not have to buy these for me’ and this not because I did not like flowers but purely because I did not feel as though I deserved them.

On a few personal deliveries of our bouquets I have had the genuine honor of sharing in special moments with people. One such encounter had me delivering flowers to a woman who was celebrating a wedding anniversary. Though she seemed quiet timid, her emotion on receiving her bouquet was priceless and it is at this very moment when I realized that Amor Flowers is bigger than my entrepreneurial ambitions.

Words fail me in attempting to accurately describe how the company has been for my spirit. I am proud to be doing what I do because I get to wake up and spread love and kindness. It is my hope to grow the company but more importantly, to promote and encourage a floral gifting culture across the country and across all classes of a people. We are all deserving!

Love and Kindness,