A very warm greeting to you.

It is a brand new week and as is a growing custom, time for a new post.

We were recently tasked with vital question of ‘what is Amor Flowers selling?’ The most obvious answer would be that we are selling flowers however, this could not be farther from the truth and it is not why our customers choose our bouquets.

Our customers select Amor Flowers because they appreciate the sophistication of our packaging, the simplicity of our floral arrangements and the aesthetic of our brand in its entirety.

Having recently attended an incredible workshop focused on creating, growing and sustaining a brand, we are looking forward to now more than ever, defining our brand with more clarity and purpose. We realize the joy our customers feel when they receive their bouquets and as such, it is our mission to ensure that we reach those feelings with every delivery.

We are constantly searching for problems with our product and service as this propels us find solutions to better the brand. We continue to strive for excellence in all that we offer and hope you will choose to extend your relationship with us further.

Wishing you a loving week ahead.