Hello and a very warm welcome to our beautiful website. Thank you for choosing Amor Flowers, we hope that your experience is a satisfying one. We have been in business for a little over six weeks and we could not have asked for a better first month. Our clientele thus far has been amazing and we are excited to welcome even more of you to the Amor Flowers family.

This website is designed to simplify your floral gifting experience by ensuring to heed the call to a ‘less is more’ approach to online shopping. One of our goals is to create a luxury brand around Amor and hopefully reach panoramic levels with the brand.

We are looking forward to sharing your love journeys with you and welcome pictures of you alongside your Amor Bouquets.

* submissions can be made to info@amorflowers.co.za.*


Palesa Sekati (Founder of Amor Flowers

Born and bred in Johannesburg, South AFrica, Palesa Sekati is a young and fiercely passionate woman. A WIts LLB Graduate, she chose to follow her passion for the arts and has not looked back since. An emerging actress with a unshakable entrepreneurial spirit, her love of all things beautiful is one of the drivers behind the birth of Amor Flowers. She hopes to create a luxury lifestyle brand in the future and has set her sights firmly on being the best version of herself.